Consultation and Media Requests

Consultation and Media Requests

Personal consultation is a patient coaching and advocacy service. Dr. Megdal will engage with you in a one-on-one session and with your healthcare providers to help enhance your treatment for those currently under care.

If you are seeking help for heart disease prevention, Dr. Megdal will work with you and your care team to assist in a multipronged strategy informed by baseline blood and imaging studies to help assess your level of risk.

  • The initial call and consultation are no charge
  • Dr. Megdal will help you obtain key diagnostic data such as:
    • Imaging studies: including a CT angiography and dopler carotid artery assessment
    • Cinical laboratory test:  complete blood analysis that looks at CRP, cholesterol fractions, LDL particle size, lipoprotein(a), hormones and many others
  • If you don’t have a cardiologist or want a second opinion, Dr. Megdal can help arrange one for you. We also work a functional medicine doctor for further heath analysis
  • We will also examine lifestyle factors:
    • Evaluation of an exercise program to develop personalized and achievable fitness objectives
    • Development of a complete nutrition program

Corporate programs work in much the same way, however Dr. Megdal can help both with individual employees or corporate-wide initiatives.

Fee structure

Corporate entities are individually assessed and fees will be customized per project.

Private coaching

Platinum level: unlimited 24/7 access and support to Dr. Megdal for a fully comprehensive service $5,000/month, 3 month minimum
Gold level: 1 month assessment and help period $3,000
Silver level: $500/ hour

Dr. Peter Megdal is a PhD level scientist and is NOT a physician and cannot prescribe drugs or medical tests. He will work with you and your physician to enhance your treatment but it is up to you and your physician to make any changes to your current and future medical treatments.

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