I’ve known Peter for almost 30 years as a cyclist. We trained and raced in the same amateur bicycle racing team, and had many discussions about equipment, training and diet over the years.

In 2010, I developed angina despite a known family history and years of working to avoid developing the disease. Like most, I probably listened too much to the conventional wisdom, which may have merit for the average person, but not necessarily for individuals at high genetic risk, or who have already been diagnosed with coronary artery disease.

When I learned that Peter had also developed coronary artery disease, we began to compare notes on treatment, and around this time, Peter began his extensive research on the topic. Although I’m not a biologist, as a scientist, I appreciate his thorough analysis of the latest research.  I have taken Peter’s insights to my cardiologist, and have been able to tailor my own treatment to reduce my LDL cholesterol by more than 60 percent.

After eight years, I now feel like my old self again, angina free, and I’m able to exercise close to my previous level. My heart disease seems to have stopped progressing if not reversed its course. As any honest cardiologist will tell you, this alone is quite unusual and significant.

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